Thursday, February 7, 2013

Everglades Chill

We launched early this past Saturday. A cold front had just come through and it was a bit chilly in the mid forties. Who would think it gets this cold here in the Everglades but we do get a few days like this every winter. With steam coming off the cooling waters and most of the egrets and herons hunkered down out of the wind in the mangroves we launched around first light. The expectations were not that great for getting into some fish. We knew if we caught a few fish it would be a bonus and of course that was our goal but just paddling out in the the wilderness of the Everglades would be satisfying enough.
During many of these cold spells many fish will have a tendency not to eat, especially the snook and we didn't catch one that day. The redfish and sea trout on the other hand can tolerate the colder waters and adapt quicker. My bonus this day ended up with catching a couple of very nice reds.


I've acually been catching many snook up in the backcountry and in the bay when I've been able to get out there but the larger fish have still been eluding me. Normally I would be finding more larger fish in the backcountry but this winter season being unseasonably warmer many fish have not migrated. Again, I have heard of some larger fish being caught in the bay and outer islands and hopefully in my next report I will have some photos of a larger snook that I've caught. 

Oystercatchers feeding in the bay 

It won't be to long before the egrets and herons are nesting in their rookeries