Thursday, March 14, 2013

Everglades Winter Fishery

Snook, Redfish and Trout have been the name of the game. Even though it's winter the bite has been very good even with a few cold fronts coming through. I've been doing a lot of kayak fishing charters and they have all been good days with everyone catching some decent fish. Some days have been tougher than others, especially the colder days. By process of elimination, fishing various locations, (especially on these "off" cold and windy days), within a general area that I know could hold fish has been very successful in finding and catching these fish. 

The Trout bite has been very good and there were a couple days catching over fifty trout in one spot. Trout are typically our winter fishery and this year is no exception. They are everywhere from the bay areas out to the barrier islands. Along with the typical spotted sea trout some very nice size silver trout have also been caught.

Reds have been second in line to the trout. Although a little tougher to catch this time of year there are many around. Sizes of fish caught have been mostly around 18 to 20 inches but a few were around 24" or more. I've been mostly sightfishing for these reds in the shallows. With the water very clear right now they are super spooky but with a little luck, with a well placed fly or lure you can get them to eat before being seen.

More uncommon right now in the bay are the snook but they are there even if in limited numbers. A couple caught recently were around 28", but most have averaged around 20". I've spotted a couple of much larger fish in the shallows sunning but they are as wary and spooky as the redfish and I've missed a couple of good opportunities recently.

Other recent catches have been a couple of each, Goliath Grouper, Flounder, and Pompano and also many Ladyfish.   

Spent a great day with Jason, Shay and Chris from the organization "Out of Sight,Out of Mind" out of Portland, Oregon.
 "With a mission to promote the intrinsic and ecological importance of the world's oceans. By "being the change we wish to see in the world", we hope to inspire others to do the same"
 This is an Awesome group bringing awareness to pollution in our waterways and oceans. Please check out their site and please support this great group!

Another recent and fun couple of days was spent with Justyn and Jeanie, coming from North Carolina with "Watershed Drybags" , one of the sponsors for the recent AFWC kayak fishing tournament. If your in the market for the highest quality drybags available you need to check out this product.

A year or so in the making the first "Adventure Fishing World Championship" (AFWC) kayak fishing tournament held here in Everglades City has come and gone. It was a pleasure in working with John Grace and Woody Callaway from Native Watercraft in helping to plan and organize this very successful and awesome event. I can't wait for next years event!