Monday, April 1, 2013

Everglades Complex Rewards

Finally back to more seasonable weather. The strong winds that were nonstop last week are gone and I will finally be able to get back out into the bay and the more open waters and fish those areas again. I'll be back out there tomorrow.
Most of my kayak fishing over the last week or so has been mostly concentrated in the more protected back country.

As I fish many of these places up in the backcountry I often explore new areas. One day this last week I was in an area where there was a creek I've passed many times as it really doesn't look that inviting. It's very shallow, muddy and fairly narrow. I wasn't having much luck fly fishing the surrounding area so I decided to explore a little and headed into this creek. I poled my way in a short ways when I spotted my first snook, a fairly large fish. Wondering why this fish was there I soon enough noticed tons of bait fish, including mojarras and finger mullet, and then I knew. The creek was mostly very shallow with some deeper pockets and as I continued I spooked out a few more larger fish, including even a few redfish. There was no way I could get a cast off when I spotted a fish. They would spook before I even thought about trying to make a cast which was nearly impossible to do anyway with the fly rod in these tight places, the creek winding and of course the winds.

I did somehow manage to hook up with one nice fish where I was spanked badly as it took off around a bend and broke me off. I never had a chance. Being fairly frustrated, I still wasn't giving up and I decided to return the next day with some spinning gear using some shorter rods with small plastic baits. With the same weather conditions I poled my way in as slow and stealthy as I possibly could, hugging and in the shadows of the mangroves where I could and it worked where I could hide and watch for a fish and make a cast. This was one of the most challenging places I have ever fished and I was real excited and happy to have caught some of these beautiful fish. I ended up with catching six snook from 32 to 34 inches !

I want to give a shout out and "thanks" to Paul Zuzock from the THE KAYAK FISHING STORE another sponsor for the AFWC kayak fishing tournament held here last month. Please support this great kayak and accessories store!