Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back in The Everglades

Again, it's been awhile since my last blog. Sorry about that! I "promise" to write more regularly in the future. Over the last few months I traveled a bit fishing different places including my annual trek up to Western North Carolina on down to the Florida Keys. I'll write more about some of these great adventures in the future but for now back in the Everglades...
I won't deny that there have been a lot of tough day's fishing the Everglades area. We've had a tremendous amount of rain this summer causing a lot of muddy water and high waters (especially in the backcountry) along with some very warm temperatures. I've explored the area as much as possible to find fish and had some terrible day's along with some outstanding days. 
Fishing this past weekend in one of the backcountry places I like to go I had a bit of a disappointing experience. It was very hot out and the fishing was real slow. I decided to put the fly rod down and switch over to a light spin setup with a small swimbait so I could cover more ground quicker. Fishing a shallow muddy cove area blind casting along the shoreline I got the unmistakable bite from a large snook. This was a huge fish and after setting the hook I immediately got my anchor out. The fish beelined it towards me and then turned and headed to and into the mangroves. There was no stopping the fish as I made my best attempt to turn her but it was not to be. With the fish thrashing around my line of course got tangled in the mangrove roots. I made my way over and attempted to untangle my line with the fish now 30ft away up the shoreline. Of course the line eventually broke. I tryed to locate the fish after to make sure it wasn't still tangled in the mangrove roots and I couldn't locate it so I was happy it broke loose and got away. I believe this was the largest snook I ever hooked up with by the shear power and only getting a brief glimpse of her but I will never know for sure. 

I hate to get into politics but I have to say I'm very disappointed that the state is going to open up a snook season soon again here on the west coast of Florida. Since the freeze in 2010 and the major kill off of snook, tarpon and other fish species, there is no way the fishery has come back to what it was prior to the freeze no matter what the FWC studies claim to prove. I spend a tremendous amount of time fishing and guiding these waters around the Everglades.  

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