Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crazy Everglades

It amazes me sometimes how fast conditions can change here in the Everglades. Since my last report I have had a couple of real good and successful days out kayak fishing, both fly fishing and spin fishing. A couple of very nice snook and decent size redfish caught along with a few nice size trout which I don't really even target this time of year. I've had a few hookups with some juvenile tarpon in the backcountry but didn't land any.
I had kind of a crazy thing happen the other morning while fishing in the bay. As I do most mornings when starting my day fishing I throw a top water plug looking for snook and reds. There were schools of mullet all over around me and I noticed a few tarpon rolling and a few manatee also hanging out in the same area. As the sun is just rising I'm working the plug back along a shoreline in about two feet of water. I then see a large swell in the water heading towards the plug. At first I'm thinking it's a shark when I see the flash and it is a very large tarpon. When I say very large, I mean like at least an 80lb fish. The fish makes a crashing attack and somehow misses the plug. Knowing I could never handle this fish with my gear I reel in fast to get my line out of the water and then I see this crazy tarpon in hot pursuit. About six feet from the kayak as I'm getting my line in the fish attacks again and he almost lands in my boat and totally soaks me. I've had some crazy things happen while out fishing and this one is near the top of the list. What a way to start the morning ! 

" Nice Snook !"

Rich jr with a very nice Red he caught recently!

Mayan Cichlids one of the few types of exotic species caught here in the western Everglades are usually a bycatch fishing the backcountry for snook and tarpon but are a blast to catch especially when using a lighter fly setup.

I'm very excited about the upcoming winter season. I already have a bunch of trips booked so, if your thinking about kayak fishing with me here in the Everglades, sooner is better to book your trip so there are no disappointments.

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