Monday, September 30, 2013

The Coming Season

Remembering when I first started kayak fishing the sport was still in a kind of infancy.I can recollect thinking how I might be able to access some of the more remote places around the area. I had thought about maybe getting a canoe, having used them many times growing up and then I discovered people fishing out of kayaks. Other than a couple of groups or clubs that I found on the Internet there really wasn't much information around on fishing out of kayaks at the time. I soon discovered and met others in Florida that were kayak fishing and it wasn't long after that I purchased a new 2005 Heritage Redfish 14 which had just came out. At the time there were just a handful of choices for sit-on-top kayaks suitable for fishing. One thing led to another and I was fishing out of that kayak every chance I had traveling around Florida to the endless places to kayak fish. My passion for the sport led me to start guiding around the Everglades part time and now to the present, guiding full time for almost the last 8 years. Looking back at the sport to what it has become now it's almost overwelming how it has grown. 

My season will begin here in the next month or so and I'm pretty excited about it. As I mentioned above with the popularity of the sport I have many trips booked for the season, both with new kayak fisherman as well as the more experienced. In years passed most of my trips were mostly all about teaching about kayak fishing. I'm also really impressed with how popular fly fishing out of kayaks has become and again around half of the trips I have booked for this year are fly fishing.

I've been fishing alot lately, going out on average every other day. I have so many places I fish that are very different from each other here in the Everglades that it's been tough to stay on top of things with the conditions we've had for the last couple of months. I have found and caught some nice fish though!

Snook, Redfish and, juvenile Tarpon have been the main catches lately along with some trout and flounder. The fishing has definitely improved with the temperatures dropping a little and less rain than we were having.

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