Friday, October 25, 2013

Winter Advances Towards The Everglades

Well, we got our first cold front. 60's at night, upper 70's during the day. Beautiful weather if you ask me, a welcome relief for a couple of days anyway. I'll find out tomorrow how this plays out with the fishing.

can't stop thinking about the fishing this last week. With a full moon the fishing was a bit slow but I still managed some nice catches. Being in the right place at the right time played a big part in my success in catching a few larger snook. My largest fish of the week was a beautiful snook that was pushing 40 inches. It slipped out of my hands as I was attempting to take a photo of her but I'll never forget that fish. Another nice catch, the snook pictured above, who was around 36". Two other snook caught were a nice size around 32". In general like I said the fishing was a little slow but besides the larger snook caught a few other smaller snook were caught along with a few redfish, a couple of trout, 1 flounder and a few snappers. From all accounts as long as we don't have a major cold front the fishing should be very productive through November. 

A recent trip with John Pruder who wanted to learn about kayak fishing. We fished up around Marco island. John had  a banner day catching a couple of nice redfish, snook, trout and a flounder

A common by-catch  when fishing around the mangroves for snook, the Mangrove Snapper can be very aggressive and annoying as they will destroy your soft plastic baits but, also are very good eating with their sweet meat and will make for some great fish tacos.  

Here's a pretty cool photo from my travels hiking in North Carolina of a gathering of a couple different kinds of butterflies

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  1. Love the photo of that "Grover" ... one of my favorite species. Some people say they are difficult to catch. I've never experienced that behavior.