Monday, November 18, 2013

Chokoloskee Bay Blues

It looks like finally I will be able to spend more time (at least for the immediate future) and concentrate on the fishing out in Chokoloskee Bay and more open water areas towards the gulf. Due to some very windy days recently from the fronts coming through, I've been spending all of my time up in the more protected backwaters mostly fly fishing. The fishing has been fairly good with some nice juvenile tarpon catches, a couple of decent size snook and many smaller ones.

I can only see the back country fishing improving as we move into the winter months.

There have been some good recent reports of the fishing out in the bay and outer areas and after a couple of weeks, I will be heading back out there tomorrow with a group to kayak fish some of the areas. I'll make a report asap.  

Young gator playing hide and seek with me

Monday, November 4, 2013

Everglades Cold Front

Backcountry Sunrise
Light at the end of the tunnel

Well I see from the weather reports the temperatures are dropping drastically in many states north of Florida already and even snowing in some places. Well, I'm glad to be down here in the Everglades even with getting a couple of (cold?) fronts coming through here also. The wind has been blowing pretty good and it's been difficult  to get out on the bay and some other open water areas. The nice option I always have is to kayak fish up in the backcountry and that's where I've been spending my time the last few days. I rarely have cancelled a trip to these areas because of the weather. It's still a little difficult to access some of these areas because the water is still a little high from the summer rains and I've had to kind of bushwhack my way through a couple places but it's been well worth it.

As the water level drops and as the water temperature drops fish will congregate and also migrate into many of these backcountry areas. With cooler temperatures in winter the water temps are always warmer than say the bay and gulf areas and will hold bait fish which is a great attraction for the many tarpon and snook that will spend most of the winter months here. 

As I was saying I've spent the last few days exploring in a couple of these places and the fishing has been phenomenal. Along with catching some nice size snook and juvenile tarpon I also caught a few redfish, one around 30" (pictured below) which is kind of rare in these more freshwater areas. Anyway, I'm headed back out there tomorrow as it's supposed to blow again and I'm thinking that the fishing will be good.