Friday, December 27, 2013

Everglades Winds

 It appears that we are going to have a very windy winter here in The Everglades. Launching early has been the only relief from the windy conditions, at least for an hour or two before it starts blowing again. As frustrating as it can be when fly fishing it forces you to practice different casting skills in these adverse conditions.

The windy conditions have kept me mostly in the backwaters where you can usually find some protection, but lately a couple of days were very challenging.
Along with the windy conditions in a couple of places I fish the water has been blown out even though they are tidal waters and I've had to portage my boat to get in to some of these places. It's been worth it to me because of the rewards, catching a few nice fish.

I spend most of my time when fishing these areas standing and site fishing from the kayak and in these windy conditions has made it very difficult and I have spooked more larger fish that I want to admit to by not being able to see them. Many of the fish caught recently have been caught blind casting. 

I'll get out in the bay and more open water areas with the weather permitting. The winter trout are here along with the redfish.  

Yellow Legs

Friday, December 13, 2013

Everglades Winter Season

Dawn in The Everglades

Well, It's almost the end of another year. Time passes so quick. I began writing this blog over four years ago to write about my experiences in The Everglades, most of which has turned out to be mostly about the fishing which is my main passion with a hint of what the rest of the Everglades is all about. I have enjoyed doing it and gained a great following over the years and Thankyou! for the support. Thanks also for the support from Native Watercraft and all of my other great sponsors.
I have been bouncing around the idea and after around ten years that this may well be my last year of taking people out and showing them my Everglades and doing any guided fishing with the kayaks, we shall see. For now though, I'm looking forward to having another great season! Happy Holidays everyone !

Rarely fishing way up in the backcountry you catch a redfish here in the Everglades. You would say "no way" if you knew where I actually was. Anyway, Redfish are pretty much everywhere you go in Florida but this fish was a rare (Surprise) catch..being where I was. Not anywhere near the largest redfish I've caught but very near the prettiest with it's golden colors, it made my day for sure!

Tarpon in your face

Pound for pound my favorite fish to hookup with and catch in The Everglades. "No" bass will ever match up with hooking up and the fight of a snook. "Bass on steroids" as many of us around here call them.

Yours Truly, I thought a great shot by Dan Decibel fishing with him a week or so ago.

Winter prairie, early morning in Fakahatchee Strand

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Everglades Winter Fishing

As I'm sitting here writing this it's dead calm outside but recently the northeast winds have been relentless and has prevented doing much kayak fishing out in the open waters in the bay. I did get out there a few times doing a couple of charters and actually caught some decent fish including snook, trout, a couple of flounder, jacks and ladyfish. No redfish, which is kind of surprising, but I wasn't able to concentrate on finding them. I hope to get back out there tomorrow to see what I can find.
The majority of my time fishing has been spent kayak fishing the back waters mostly fly fishing. Catching many snook and juvenile tarpon, also one day had a blast catching jacks and another day I happened on a school of smaller reds catching a few of those.

Over the holiday weekend I spent one afternoon with friend DJ Dan Decibal fly fishing some backwaters on a fairly windy day. No monster fish caught but caught many small snook and a couple of tarpon. Dan did a nice writeup of the day along with some nice photos and you can see that at Here . 

Fakahatchee Strand in it's winter colors