Friday, December 27, 2013

Everglades Winds

 It appears that we are going to have a very windy winter here in The Everglades. Launching early has been the only relief from the windy conditions, at least for an hour or two before it starts blowing again. As frustrating as it can be when fly fishing it forces you to practice different casting skills in these adverse conditions.

The windy conditions have kept me mostly in the backwaters where you can usually find some protection, but lately a couple of days were very challenging.
Along with the windy conditions in a couple of places I fish the water has been blown out even though they are tidal waters and I've had to portage my boat to get in to some of these places. It's been worth it to me because of the rewards, catching a few nice fish.

I spend most of my time when fishing these areas standing and site fishing from the kayak and in these windy conditions has made it very difficult and I have spooked more larger fish that I want to admit to by not being able to see them. Many of the fish caught recently have been caught blind casting. 

I'll get out in the bay and more open water areas with the weather permitting. The winter trout are here along with the redfish.  

Yellow Legs

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  1. Tarpon are on my bucket list. Looks like you catch them every day.