Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Everglades Winter Fishing

As I'm sitting here writing this it's dead calm outside but recently the northeast winds have been relentless and has prevented doing much kayak fishing out in the open waters in the bay. I did get out there a few times doing a couple of charters and actually caught some decent fish including snook, trout, a couple of flounder, jacks and ladyfish. No redfish, which is kind of surprising, but I wasn't able to concentrate on finding them. I hope to get back out there tomorrow to see what I can find.
The majority of my time fishing has been spent kayak fishing the back waters mostly fly fishing. Catching many snook and juvenile tarpon, also one day had a blast catching jacks and another day I happened on a school of smaller reds catching a few of those.

Over the holiday weekend I spent one afternoon with friend DJ Dan Decibal fly fishing some backwaters on a fairly windy day. No monster fish caught but caught many small snook and a couple of tarpon. Dan did a nice writeup of the day along with some nice photos and you can see that at Here . 

Fakahatchee Strand in it's winter colors 

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