Saturday, January 4, 2014

Secret Spots

I think there is something to be said about the enjoyment of catching a nice fish knowing not only that you figured out how to catch that fish but also figured out that place where the fish was caught. I relate it a lot to hunting. To me it’s part of the overall enjoyment of it all. Fishing as a kid, usually with a friend or two, we would jump on our bikes and head to a nearby pond or lake to fish and figure out where the fish were. Nobody told us exactly where to go.

Spending years exploring and fishing here in The Everglades, amongst other places throughout Florida; I have discovered many great places to fish with getting very few pointers from others. Gaining knowledge and information from others that guide or fish a particular area is a good resource to learn some about that area but rarely will they tell you exactly where they fish with good reason, they have put in the time to learn and find their fishing spots. My first few years here I averaged over 250, probably more, days exploring the area and even now I’m on the water a lot.

Kayak fishing has grown greatly in popularity in the last few years and over these years I have recommended many to refer to the internet (forums, etc) to gain more information on the sport. It still is a great resource for information but some of it has morphed into people talking about detailed places (even with exact map locations) where to kayak fish. As innocent as it may seem there is someone out there that is going to be very offended by this let alone taking away a portion of the sport of fishing itself. If someone had passed on information that I had given them, particularly locations, I would call it “stealing”. I have always been more than happy to share information about kayak fishing but I have been fairly vague with locations and spots in my reports for this reason. I've made the mistake in the past of telling or showing someone a particular place only to find them there later with friends or someone else they told about those places. I agree with the term that there are no secret spots but when I run into someone fishing an unlikely place that I might fish it will make me wonder about what brought them there.

Understanding there are many who only have limited time or days to be out kayak fishing (especially in new areas and especially here in the Everglades) there will no doubt be some slow days fishing. You just might get lucky but hiring and learning from a guide and researching all you can about the new area will greatly increase your chances of being successful in the future. It will be so much more rewarding when you go out on your own after and "find" that spot on your own and catch that nice fish.

(Update 1/21/14)
"I was surprised how many responses I have received since writing this article. I've received many  emails and a few phone calls in support of what I have said. Although what I said was never directed towards any particular individual and I was just generalizing there are a couple out there that apparently took offence to what I said thinking I was speaking of them. These couple of individuals never contacted me directly with their response but instead decided to write about me with their brazen and stupid comments hiding behind their keyboards on another site and one Florida forum. One nice thing about this blog I can see whoever put's out a link to my site. Personally, I don't take offence to the negative comments, I know there are a lot of strange characters and assholes out there and think it's pretty funny with some of the responces. As far as this article, if you don't agree with what I've said please feel free to contact me and I would love to discuss with you what a real sportsman is."       


  1. The most interesting and productive days that I have fished the Everglades have all been when I was "guided" by Rich Jones. Thank you Rich for always making the day interesting. Rick Yocum

  2. Well written and well represented on your thoughts on this subject.


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