Monday, January 27, 2014

Snook Bite

A moment in time, a split second to realize the bite of a larger snook. I think the feeling can only come with time after hooking up with a few larger fish before you become aware or know when it happens. That instance to very quickly decipher the bite of a big fish or is it a snag on a branch or something else under the water. I sight fish whenever I can but many times fishing here in the Everglades the water is stained or muddy. You are fishing, blind casting in areas or places that could possibly hold a big fish. Most of the big snook I've caught have been by blind casting. I think that many of the larger fish just casually ate my bait not being at all very aggressive, I felt the "bite", set the hook and then all hell broke loose and the fight was on.
In the last year looking at my logs and photos I caught a few nice sized snook along with loosing a couple of very large one's. I caught over six fish in the mid thirties, a couple larger around 38" and one fish at or just over 40 inches. The ones I lost were well over 40 inches. For catching snook around here in the western Everglades this is a very good success rate without being modest, at least that's the consensus with discussions with some other area guides and fisherman. My success rate has increased over the years, especially the last couple but I think it's because I spend so much time out there and can most or many times truly tune in to my surroundings.

 I think the snook population is recovering well from the major fish kill we had a few years ago but still have a way to go before population levels reach levels of years past. 


  1. Healthy looking snook! I have yet to catch one but they are on the bucket list for sure. Really enjoyed the blog man. First time visitor.

  2. Great Photos too!