Friday, February 21, 2014

Mid Winter Season Everglades '14

The Everglades in winter, a destination for many from the northern states. Many newcomers have high expectations of great weather and great fishing. We do however here in The Everglades experience some winter conditions as anywhere else, maybe not as drastic, but we  have our share of cold fronts that can or will directly effect our fishing conditions, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I always hope that my new clients show up with an open mind especially when there are more adverse conditions. Of course I want them to catch fish but to also enjoy the wilderness and wildlife of The Everglades and have a great experience, one they will always remember. 

I can pretty much on any given day go out and find and catch fish no matter what the conditions are however it's not without it's challenges even with spending a tremendous amount of time on the area waters. Using kayaks limits how far you can travel and where you can go when the weather turns sour. Having to concentrate on a smaller area is a great advantage to kayak fishing vs motor boats but if there are no fish there or they won't eat, you have limited options other than paddling longer distances to another area or back to the launch, packing up and calling it for that day.
We've had a fairly mild winter so far but also had a few cold fronts come through. Water temperatures have dropped quite a bit with cooler nights along with some cool days and it seems like the winds have been nonstop this year. The winds if anything have kept me mostly concentrating in the backwaters.

 Most every trip thus far this year have been successful and enjoyed by everyone. Some days the fishing has been slower than others but everyone has caught fish, mostly snook, a few tarpon and redfish. I've been straight out busy with trips and will be for the next month or so and look forward to a few days off. I'm thinking right now of accepting reservations for charters through May so if your planning on kayak fishing with me in the near future please make your reservations soon, Thanks!