Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Everglades Madness

It's been a very busy month for me being pretty much straight out with doing my kayak fishing charters. I had only a couple of chances to get out on my own to check out some of my fishing holes. Usually I will try and get out every couple of days to prefish certain  areas a day or two prior to bringing clients there especially when conditions are changing constantly. Things still worked out well although there were a couple of slower fishing days due mostly to the weather. 

The fishing I did do myself was actually very successful with a few small tarpon hookups, one a bit larger, around 25lbs. I didn't land any of them. Also caught a couple of decent size snook around 30" and two nice fat redfish, one around 30" and the other larger around 32".

I still have some openings for trips through May so if interested in going please send me an Email. I'm not taking any reservations for June.

Here's a few random photos of some of the recent shore launched and mothership trips.

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