Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Snookery in The Everglades

It's still been kinda tough to kayak fish out in the bay and more open waters because of the windy conditions so I haven't even bothered. I'll continue to mainly fish many of the more (somewhat) protected areas in the Everglades back-country. Some mornings have been glass calm and I try to take advantage of that by getting out very early and then fish till around noon. The mosquitoes and horsefly's  have been pretty brutal when launching on a few of these last days but it's been a small price to pay for the good times and good fishing.

Nothing beats being out in the wilderness of The Everglades to explore and fish, totally unlike most any other place in Florida. Some day's the fishing is very challenging as anywhere but recently everything seems to have come together and the fishing has been very rewarding for everyone I've brought there. Above is a very nice sized snook I caught this last week. Fish that we have been catching have been mostly snook and juvenile tarpon, jacks and a few reds along with some exotics.   

So, speaking of the winds, this past Sunday I got a call from a good friend Dan Decibal around midday who was headed over this way with another friend Jason Fernandez to fish and asked if I would like to join up. I usually never turn down an opportunity to fish so we met up and fished a couple of different places where we could find shelter from the winds. We had fun exploring and at the one Dan caught this beautiful snook on his 6wt. An absolute awesome catch!
 Please check out this short video that Dan put together of our adventure called