Saturday, July 19, 2014

Everglades Heat Up

Since my return from my trip to North Carolina I don't believe the temperature has gone much below 80 degrees here in the Everglades. By noon and for the rest of the day it's been 90 degrees plus, the humidity is way up and storms have been coming early many days. The bugs are another story. I've been planning my trips by the weather only and not bothering with the tides or moon phase. When there's a window to go fishing I go. It may not sound very inviting but the fishing actually has been very good, especially fishing for snook and young tarpon in the backwaters. 

When I've been going, it's been an early start before sunrise and finished by noon when it's super hot and the bite is basically over because of it. I've had a few very successful mornings recently fishing with both the fly rod and a spinning rod and using mostly topwater plugs and flys.
Anyway, I do look forward to some cooler days.

Looking at the upcoming winter season I have decided to offer and concentrate more on just fishing in the Everglades backcountry. This past winter due to so many windy days it was tough to get out in the bay and more open waters of the gulf and I don't want to put clients through the long paddle to get to my fishing areas. Instead, for any fishing in more salt waters where I would fish for reds and trout along with snook, tarpon and other species I will offer to kayak fish more around the Marco Island and Naples areas. I have many places up that way that I know very well and some awesome fishing with a lot shorter paddle.
I've booked a few trips already for the upcoming season and if you are planning a trip to the area and are thinking about fishing with me, contact me to reserve your day sooner than later so you are not disappointed, Thanks. 

This is Phil who fished with me just before I left for North Carolina with his very nice snook that he caught with me.

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