Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Experiences in The Everglades

There's no doubt it has been, or so it seems this has been one of the warmest summers since I have been living here in The Everglades. Then again, I think I have these same thoughts every year around this time. I am looking forward to some cooler weather.  

As far as the fishing goes, it has actually been pretty good but that's with getting the kayaks out as early as possible while the fish are active. By noon the bite has been pretty much done when the temperatures are back up again.  

I'm often asked, especially by clients about my experiences with spending so much time and kayak fishing out in The Everglades. I have my share of stories to tell along with some unusual experiences but rarely have I ever felt threatened being around alligators, sharks and other wildlife, including manatees, but there have been many exciting times.

A few years back around this same time of year I was out exploring an area for places to fish a couple of miles south of Chokoloskee and I found myself in at a large shallow bay surrounded by some small islands. There were a few different kinds of birds wading and feeding and a few alligators around so I decided to go in and check out the area. It was fairly shallow and the water was pretty muddy. As I made my way in I ran aground and assumed I ran onto an oyster bar because I couldn't see into the water. I decided to stay put and take a break for a few minutes and take in the happenings going on around me. After deciding to move on after around 15 minutes I stuck my paddle in to push myself off of the "oyster bar" when actually, I had been sitting on top of a large gator who explodes out from under my kayak lifting the kayak and me up out of the water as it takes off. Surprised is putting it lightly how I felt. Why that gator never moved when I first ran on top of him I'll never know.

Obviously that was probably a once in a lifetime occurrence but I have to say that most every trip is unique, what wildlife you will see and some days what kind of fish you will catch even when targeting certain species. If you have never been to The Everglades it is definitely a place to visit, fish and experience for yourself. I still have many days available for the upcoming winter season for day trips so if your planning to visit the area, please look me up.             

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