Monday, October 20, 2014

Everglades Transition

Surrounding most of the areas I kayak fish here in the Everglades are large prairie type lands. Much of this land is very wet during the warmer months and while the water table is still very high I decided to take a detour on the way to one of my fishing holes and was able to actually paddle out across the prairie. It was real pretty out there and kind of surreal in it's own way being around a mile from any main body of water that I would normally access. I didn't see much wildlife that day other than birds but there were fish and I actually spooked a couple of larger snook that were hiding in the grass.    

I've been getting out kayak fishing in the backcountry as much as possible trying to stay on top of things for upcoming trips. We're beginning our transition into the cooler months and as unpredictable as the Everglades can be I want to see my customers catch a few nice fish. Conditions are constantly changing but on my last couple of outings I have produced a few decent snook like the one above I caught the other day along with a ton of smaller tarpon.   

I had a request from Paul C from Salt Lake who has fished with me a few times in the past to fish at night under the full moon up in the backcountry. I was a little skeptical at first to do it but it turned out to be a blast. It was not for the feeble minded going in through the mangrove tunnels at night. The fishing wasn't as spectacular as we had hoped and the bugs were brutal at times but we still had a great time. This is Paul with a nice snook that he caught.    

Baby Tarpoons

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Everglades Autumn

As the fall season has begun in the northern states, we too here in the Everglades are beginning to see some signs of the changing seasons, maybe just not as apparent. We've had a few days already that temperatures didn't make it out of the 80's. I can see a cooling trend beginning! Seriously though during October we typically will begin to see some changes in the weather and also in the fishing conditions.
I'm not doing many charters this time of year so it gives me a chance to get out and explore new places. It's an endless list of places to go. Most people find a couple of good places to fish and never venture anywhere else. I love the adventure aspect of it all and there's nothing like exploring new areas and finding fish.
I ventured into an area in the backcountry this past week that I had always ignored when paddling by and I'm super excited after checking the place out where by all appearances, even though it's not a huge area, it is going to be a great winter fishery for snook and maybe reds. Time will tell. I caught a couple of smaller fish this time.
I was only able to get out in the bay once in the last week due to a lot of storms in the area but it was a good day catching some decent fish. I caught two nice size redfish, many smaller snook and a trout within a couple of hours. With everyone I have spoken to there are many redfish around including the outer islands and Chokoloskee bay and there are some larger schools of fish which is great to here.
As usual I've spent most of my time in the backcountry and although I had a couple of slow days I managed to catch a couple of very nice size snook like the one pictured below.