Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Everglades Changes

As winter weather sets in throughout much of the country there are some changes happening here now through the Everglades. I've heard reports of water temperatures down to around 70 and that to me means fish will begin the move to their winter homes. I expect to find more snook and juvenile tarpon moving into many backcountry areas where it will stay somewhat warmer. Although we have had a couple of strong cold fronts move through the area over the last week or so I've had good reports of some very nice size snook and redfish being caught in the bay and outer islands. The trout are back also and I've talked to a few that have caught some nice pompano.  Reports of larger tarpon being caught in the area have pretty much dropped off as most fish will migrate south for the winter.

The excitement of catching a big snook on fly in The Everglades has been the catch of a lifetime for many that have kayak fished with me. 

A nice dinner sized by-catch mangrove snapper caught while fishing for redfish in the bay.

I've been catching many smaller tarpon up in the backcountry but I expect some larger fish up to around 25 lbs to move into some of my fishing areas soon.