Thursday, January 8, 2015

Temperamental Everglades

For the recent past this has been an unseasonably warm winter season, even with having a couple of strong cold fronts that have come through we have had many days into the eighties. I'm sure that sounds great for the many northern followers but it appears to me the fish hadn't really been following their normal winter patterns, especially in the backcountry, and the fishing has been up and down. It's been very challenging fishing many days recently. That is up until now. After a very busy last couple of weeks doing trips I had a chance yesterday to get out by myself to fish the latest coldfront and check things out and conditions appear to be much better and back to more normal with a banner day of finding some nice fish! This area of The Everglades is very temperamental and it's a daily event of deciphering the conditions for finding the fish.

Below are random photos of some of my most recent trips.

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  1. Looks pretty incredible. Quick question, since you are catching Tarpon there does that mean they can go full fresh water when they are young? Or is that brackish water?