Saturday, January 24, 2015

Triumph in The Everglades

Beginning before the holidays, the saga continues with staying fairly busy doing trips. Along with taking out some of my regular winter customers I've also had the opportunity to show and kayak fish The Everglades with some that have never fished the area before. I'm quite sure some of them will also be returning in the future for more.
I believe I mentioned in my last posting how it seems we have had many more warmer days this winter than usual with only a couple of short lived cold fronts coming through. Being busy this time of year and the ever changing weather has called for making some quick decisions as to where to go to find fish and where to catch certain species that customers had wanted to catch. For the most part I believe it's been a fairly successful year so far. Some days the fishing has been tough while other days it has been going off with catching some really nice fish. Some have had very triumphant days while some others have missed some nice opportunities for all of those crazy reasons. 

John G from The San Francisco area with his first Everglades Tarpon (caught with his 6wt)

Phil taking the Snook off of his bucket list

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