Saturday, April 11, 2015

Awesome Everglades

Another awesome sunrise !

And an awesome day of fishing that followed! Over the last week or so the fishing has really turned on, especially fishing for snook. Fishing with both spin and fly gear have been very productive. With the waters really beginning to warm up the fishing is following. There also has been a few tarpon hookups with customers recently but no one actually has been able to boat one, par for the course fishing for them especially for those that have never hooked up to one of these crazy fish. They can also be real fussy eaters sometimes but that is a day to day thing and with the few hookups the backwater tarpon bite should only get better as we move into our warmer months.    

The past month or so has been kind of like a roller coaster ride with some great days and some slow days of fishing. Spending so much time over the years fishing this area it's crazy how some days can still be so unpredictable. I've been fairly busy with trips and I've enjoyed fishing and showing many this western area of The Everglades this season. As we move towards summer typically my charters will slow down but as usual the fishing will only get better. I have many openings over the next couple of months so if you will be in the area and may be interested in seeing and kayak fishing this area, especially for snook and tarpon, please look me up.