Friday, May 15, 2015

The Advent of Everglades Summer

There are a few brush fires burning now in Big Cypress Preserve which with the smoke have made for some really spectacular sunrises over the last week. 

As my guiding season has now slowed down, it's given me time over the last week or so to check out some of the places I wouldn't normally visit with most customers either due to a hard access or long paddling distances. It's awesome to visit these places and fishing haunts and they most times never disappoint. 
Larger snook have mostly eluded me but I have caught a ton of smaller fish which are still fun but not the adrenaline rush of the big girls. I've also caught a few nice reds along with a few crazy juvenile tarpons.
Looks like we are about into our summer weather which means getting out very early and back around noon before the super temperatures and the afternoon storms come through. If I can get a couple of good weather days this coming week plans are to paddle and fish a couple of distant places around the bay.      

Closer to home, on the Barren River, a nice size redfish I sight fished, caught on a Zara Spook Jr. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Utopian Days

Although fishing can be really good anytime throughout the year here in this part of The Everglades, there is no doubt right now is my favorite time. Even tho we are moving quickly into our warmer season most days around now are much more tolerable weather-wise and the bugs are minimal, if any at all. I question the fisherman that spend their winters down here and then leave around this time for their northern homes when this is the ultimate time to be here not only for the great weather but also the great fishing! 

A recent day with Bob and Danielle from Montana enjoying the backcountry fishing and beautiful scenery with me!

It's not only about the great fishing to be had here but also seeing and enjoying this great wilderness of The Everglades.