Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Legendary Everglades

"FLORIDA EVERGLADES VOTED THE #1fishing destination in the country in this recent survey and I couldn't agree more. There are many great places to fish throughout Florida and the rest of the country but none are more unique, interesting, and challenging as well as rewarding than Everglades National Park.    

We've now been in our summer weather cycle for the last couple of weeks with rain storms, hot weather and some great fishing. This is an awesome time to be here in more or less the off season with few people around town other than locals and visiting fisherman. Following the weather is crucial this time of year when going out on the water but most recent storms have been mostly in the late afternoon and evening which has allowed to get out early around sunrise and fish till around noon or so when the temperatures start to soar.
If you plan on being in the area or just passing through and would like to experience some of the Everglades for yourself please look me up and I would be more than happy to show and fish some of this great wilderness area with you.