Thursday, December 3, 2015

Expectations in The Everglades

Having spent so much time out in The Everglades you would think I've got it all figured out as far as where the fish are and I always catch big fish but in reality that's just not how it always is. I am not god but I can be fairly successful in finding and catching fish however, the weather can play a big part in having a successful fishing day, especially during the winter months.

Most come here with an open mind to kayak fish and to experience and enjoy The Everglades while some others come here having very high expectations of catching many fish or even that great monster snook.

During the winter months when most visitors come down to Florida to escape the weather of their northern states many with the high expectations of great success and great conditions can be however in for a bit of a surprise. Here in The Everglades although generally warmer than even much of Florida we have our share of cold fronts that come through and most likely will effect the fishing, sometimes for the better and sometimes not. Catching the weather at the right time along with other conditions, tides etc. the fishing can be phenomenal such as some pre-front conditions but other times fishing can be a bit tougher.

I have to say that I have caught some very nice fish under the worst conditions so even with planning a trip considering all the variables it's sometimes hard to predict the outcome.

A nice crazy tarpon from the other day 

This redfish was a real survivor with it's head crushed in and blind in one eye maybe caused from a dolphin aggressively hit a top water plug and fought like a champ. 

Snook have been sporadic in the backcountry but that should change soon.