Sunday, July 17, 2016

Florida's Disaster

Saying it's been really hot out is putting it mildly, it's actually brutally hot by noon most days recently here in The Everglades. As most don't like to visit the area during the summer months because of the heat are only missing out on some fantastic fishing.  

I remember many years ago living in Vermont hearing how Florida's government was totally corrupt. I've seen the rumor prove itself over and over again in the last eighteen years or so living here. Finally Florida is beginning to get the much needed and overdue national exposure it so deserves over this most current situation.Time will tell if anything will actually get resolved. Not that Vermont was a perfect state but the people there do care about their environment and the situation that's here in Florida would have been addressed and they would have enacted solutions a long time ago.

Not the only but one of the main culprits is the under regulated polluted agricultural waters being released from Lake Okeechobee full of fertilizer nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus and then another is livestock waste runoff from the large cattle ranches which is creating deadly algae which has killed or is killing many estuary's and gulf and Atlantic shorelines, killing seagrasses, sea life and other wildlife in many parts of the state. Thank god it's not having any effect in this area of the Western Everglades, at least not yet. I have to admit even though I was aware of the situation I didn't realize the full impact till this past winter as some of my kayak fishing customers and other fisherman I met and talked to were coming here from these areas of Florida because their home waters were polluted and dying from the runoffs and not worth fishing.   
I'm not going to get into a drawn out article on the ecological disaster that's happening but if you live in the state you should be aware of the situation and if from out of the state and you are not aware of what is happening please check out the links below which have a ton of information and articles. 

Even though this disaster has been in the works for many years and I really hate to talk politics but this disaster has direct implications of the actions and inaction's of the current state Republican government from the governor, Rick Scott, most state legislators, US senator Marco Rubio and all the appointed heads of all the departments related to this issue.

Please check out the website and their Facebook page HERE.